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This Forum is based on a joint initiative between the Dept. of Clinical Psychology, NIMHANS and the E-Health Research Center, IIIT Bangalore.

The challenges related to COVID-19 have been causing heightened stress and distress. This is due to a variety of factors – an increased sense of uncertainty about the future, loss of familiar routine and structure in daily life, distance from loved ones, a sense of isolation, changes in living standards, a reduced sense of mastery over one’s life situation, etc.

This means that we need to reach out to offer as well as to receive psychological support more often than usual, in order to manage distress and maintain well-being, in this highly unusual and unforeseen situation.

Health workers from multiple fields, including psychologists, social workers, counsellors, therapists, mental health professionals and other health professionals are involved in offering psychological support to individuals experiencing increased stress and distress related to COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unusual scenario. It is, therefore, our responsibility to engage in reflections and work towards sharpening our skills to provide effective emotional support to others during these times.

The purpose of this forum is to provide a space to raise questions and reflect, together with a panel of experts, on sensitive, empathetic and potentially helpful ways of offering psychological support in the COVID context.

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